The Last of Us: Screenshots

I finished The Last of Us™ Remastered the other night, and I’m sure I’ll be making posts on it in the future, but for the time being I’ll just drop some of my screenshots! I didn’t take as many as I thought, despite the game’s fantastic photo mode, which I hope to see in many more PS4 games, but I’m sure on future playthroughs I’ll be grabbing more. I was a bit too engrossed in the action this time, I guess! Slightly disappointed by the compression on these as well, so I guess I’ll be putting my capture card to good use in the future.

Most are of Ellie because what did you expect of me. Some had rather unfortunate timing as well but I’ve kept them for laughs.

Responses to “The Last of Us: Screenshots”

  1. Cassie Avatar

    The photo gallery is now thumbnails that, when clicked, trigger a Lightbox. Much easier for viewing!

  2. Mat Avatar

    today I googled my all-time favorite song title and found screenshots of my all-time favorite game. nice.

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