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How We Do It: Podcasting with Podtrificus Totalus

For the past few years, my pet project has been Podtrificus Totalus, a Harry Potter podcast I host and produce with my boyfriend, Joe. Together, we read through a chapter from the books every week then dissect it in a (roughly) hour-long podcast. It’s a great way of merging my love for literature, my love for Joe, and, most importantly, my love of being a little technology goblin.

Naturally, I hang around in a lot of circles with other podcasters (or aspiring podcasters). By far my favorite is the Lady Pod Squad, a community of women podcasters who share promos, reviews, and general advice with one another. I’m also a regular lurker (and occasional poster) on /r/podcasting. In both places, I’ve shared scattered details about how I produce my own show, in hopes to save others from the agonizing research and trial and error I’ve put into establishing a workflow. With this post, I hope to provide an up to date, organized guide in the hopes that others can blend and borrow from my process to help improve or jump start their own. I am also open to critiques, too — I’m totally self-taught in all of this! I generally follow the guiding principle of “it sounds good, it is good,” but I don’t exactly have a trained ear or an intricate knowledge of why it sounds good. So if something is glaringly wrong, please do let me know in the comments!