Recently, my boyfriend and I decided to revisit a childhood classic: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, the film that jump-started what would prove to be an extremely lucrative and much beloved franchise for Disney. I first watched it not long after its 2003 release, making me 8 or 9 at the time, and enjoyed it, like most other children at the time. It brims with swashbuckling adventure and humor while maintaining Disney’s family-friendly directive. Unfortunately, with my older, more world-weary eyes saw through the dust of nostalgia, dismayed as the film makes no effort to pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test, which stands as an absolute bare minimum requirement for a creative endeavor’s portrayal of women. (more…)


Yesterday, Square Enix held a special “Uncovered” event for Final Fantasy XV, their Duke Nukem Forever. Among a variety of puzzling announcements, they dropped a previously confirmed demo, called the Platinum Demo. In it, you traverse through the dreamscape of Noctis, the game’s protagonist, as a child. I’ve been vocal in my negative opinions of Final Fantasy XV in the past, but with the tempting price tag of $Free.99 and nothing to do tonight, it seemed time to put hostility aside and give the game a chance. (more…)


I left my staff (and podcast) duties on KH-Vids in October of last year; when my pals Nick and Cal asked me to join them for a Life is Strange spoilercast, I jumped at the opportunity. It ended up being a several hours’ discussion that left me grateful I’m no longer responsible for editing these episodes down to a reasonable length. I haven’t delivered on my promise to write more about the game because I’ve been sour about the way it ended, but I had a lot of fun and spoke quite a bit. Check it and other episodes of the KH-Vids Podcast out on their website!