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Canopies and Drapes: Emmy the Great’s Twist on the Classic Breakup Song

In the music industry, and in the folk genre particular, breakup songs are not exactly uncommon, and for every chart-topping artist crooning over the radio about the throes of love, there are thousands of disconsolate teens pouring over their guitars. For her 2009 Edward EP, England-based singer-songwriter Emma-Lee Moss (stage name Emmy the Great) visits the genre herself; the four included songs are among Emmy’s earliest, though they contain her usual balance of charm and poignancy, more often than not accompanied only by an acoustic strum.

Though she rather spontaneously released Edward after her d├ębut album, First Love, Edward nonetheless functions as a prequel to First Love, as the two share the ubiquitous themes of love, death, and sex.  It is within the elegiac third track, “Canopies and Drapes”, that Emmy explores the uniquely teenage voice and experience of losing one’s first love.