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Here’s What I Was Listening to in 2015

As the year closes, naturally I must compile experiences and interests from the period into data and statistics.

Okay, maybe I’m not being quite that heartless, but last.fm sure makes it easy to indulge that desire. I scrobble (almost) all of my music to last.fm as I enjoy having a record of my listening habits for both reference and analysis. This year I finally found a solid app to do so from my phone, too, though my scrobbles lack what I listen to at work, which is a lot, as well as about half the year of listening on my phone. Therefore, as we head into 2016, I’d like to look back on what I listened to the most in 2015 (not necessarily my favorite releases from the year — my musical discovery process is best described as ‘stumbling across things years after release’).

Astral Plane: We’re All Scared of the Future

Every so often, an episode of a television show airs that plays out like a magnum opus. An episode that rocks you to your core, that speaks to you on a level deeper than you ever could have anticipated when you hit the play button. Within its block of time, it is somehow able to capture the nuance of each of its characters, fodder the show’s recurrent themes, or make us think about how we view the world. A week ago, Adventure Time achieved this with an existential masterpiece: “Astral Plane”, the twenty-fifth episode in its stellar sixth season.

Princess Bubblegum & Marceline: Still Just Almost Girlfriends

It’s only natural that the first post on my shiny new blog should be about these two, isn’t it?

Let me preface this post by saying that I love Princess Bubblegum and Marceline and Bubbline and Sugarless Gum, all of that — whatever you’d like to call it, I ship it. Hard. I may not be a long-time Adventure Time fan; I have not experienced firsthand the “What Was Missing” controversy, the joy delivered when Sky Witch premiered, and so on. I jumped on-board late, binge-watched my way to this pairing, which washed over me with all its fluffy, tumultuous grace. I was vaguely aware that it was a popular ship as I made my way up to “What Was Missing”; I transcended as I witnessed Marceline’s impromptu, angst-ridden love ballad to Peebles; I immediately rewatched “Go With Me”, eager to see the pair’s first on-screen interaction; I stormed ahead to “Sky Witch”. I filled my tumblr with all the lovely fanart in existence for the couple, bemusing my followers who already taunted me for my FemShep/Liara obsession; I formed headcanons, all of it.